GDP’s new DPF Cleaning Solutions packages are your access to a renewed and longer lasting DPF.

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Cold air intakes are nothing new, but ours have the look, class, and performance that speak for themselves. GDP’s 4” OA Intake Kits are here to make a statement.

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Looking to enhance your vehicles performance, throttle response, & overall drive-ability…look no further! Here at GDP Products we offer a wide variety of Programmers and modules that bring the best out of your vehicle. Backed by our years of experience and knowledge in the Industry, we will have the products you are looking for. GDP, putting the power of your truck, in your hands

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SOTF Switches

Shift-on-the-fly can be the best addition to your truck, and our SOTF 5 position switch makes that possible. Paired with our SOTF tuning, adjusting tune levels while you drive is only a click away.

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DPF Solutions

GDP DPF Solutions is the RIGHT way to clean your DPF. We don’t just “burn” it all out, we have multiple steps with specific equipment to get it done correctly. This way your DPF will last longer between cleanings, and overall perform better for you as well.